Twin Princess The Complete Recordings

When a band's complete recordings clock in at about 21 minutes, there had better be a pretty good reason for bringing them all together on one CD. Even if the name Twin Princess doesn't immediately ring any bells, half of the duo will be instantly recognisable to most people with even a passing interest in music. Ken Stringfellow, going under the pseudonym of Kickstand, is behind much of the noise on The Complete Recordings, Bootsy Holler is his partner-in-crime and she does much of the singing and helps out on guitar, too. It is understandable that Stringfellow might not want his name emblazoned on this album, because there's a very good chance that this would not appeal fans of the Posies - the music is a lot more experimental than they'd expect. Instead of just straightforward guitars, the songs are filled to the brim with drum loops, noisy weirdness and feedback. It is a lot more appetising than it sounds. Even if you've discovered Twin Princess before now, there are two new recordings plus three older songs that have turned up on singles and compilations. The whole package is rounded out with a wonderfully kitschy version of Frank and Nancy Sinatra's "Something Stupid‚" and despite being a meagre 20 minutes long, there's a lot to like about this mini album. Hopefully, The Complete Recordings will not turn out to be prophetic for Twin Princess. (Hidden Agenda)