Troy Junker and DillanPonders Unite on New Song "Lost For Words"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 1, 2021

Last year saw Troy Junker walk The Path, while DillanPonders moved through the "JUNGLE" to become "KING OF THE TOWN" with last year's album Because We're Alive. Now, the pair have joined forces on a new single.

"Lost for Words," which you can hear below, finds the pair of MCs meditating on points in life where their prolific pens aren't enough over twangy guitar and pulsing electronics.

Junker affirms that while he "don't got a case of writer's block," a look at the news can have negative effects on his positive thinking. DillanPonders, meanwhile, is surrounded by angels and demons in sharing, "I'm calling for help / Looking for the signs / Need a revolution, hope we start it on time."

Read Exclaim!'s review of The Path. Last year, Junker also shared his favourite music gear with us.

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