SUN SUN Announces New Album 'No Friends in Toronto' with Witch Prophet, DijahSB, Lex Leosis

DillanPonders and Mighloe also appear on the record
SUN SUN Announces New Album 'No Friends in Toronto' with Witch Prophet, DijahSB, Lex Leosis
In what is surely a relatable sentiment for many, Ontario beatmaker SUN SUN has announced the new album No Friends in Toronto. It's out April 7 via Heart Lake Records.

Proving that the title might not actually be true, No Friends in Toronto features an impressive array of guests, including DijahSB, Lex Leosis, DillanPonders, Mighloe, M.I.BLUE, Cola H., Yazzy and Rosie Monday. SUN SUN's wife, Witch Prophet — with whom she appeared in Exclaim!'s feature about Canadian music's cutest couples — also appears.

The album explores alternative hip-hop and R&B. SUN SUN said in a statement, "No Friends In Toronto is a collection of songs produced and written through the lens of  friendship, loss, heartache, frustration, longing, nostalgia and growth. It's a reflection of my stages dealing with sadness during the past few years and a reminder to never give up. Even when you feel isolated, there are always people by your side. The album features majority women and non-binary artists because I wanted to showcase the variety of styles and abundance of talent that the city has. It's important to provide a platform for everyone to shine."

No Friends in Toronto is available to pre-order now over at Bandcamp. Hear the single "Take You Higher" below.

SUN SUN also produced Witch Prophet's new album, Gateway Experience, due out May 3 through Heart Lake Records.

No Friends in Toronto:

1. I'm Lost Without You
2. Dub
3. Take You Higher
4. Time Won't Slow Down
5. No Friends in Toronto
6. When You're Gone (feat. M.I.Blue)
7. Fever Dream (feat. Witch Prophet, Mighloe)
8. No Tellin' (feat. Yazzy)
9. Non Sono
10. True Stories (feat. Rosie Monday)
11. Leave Here with Somethin' (feat. DijahSB)
12. Goddy (feat. Lex Leosis)
13. Racks to Go Outside (feat. DillanPonders)