Trivium Ember to Inferno

It's getting a bit tiresome seeing metalcore bands cop Maiden riffs and adopt an ironic uber-metal sense of fashion, but that doesn't stop Trivium from kicking a bit of ass on this energetic and varied album. The melodic singing and sense of emotion helps carry things along, and the melodic thrash parts are sincere sounding. Trivium also stand above their peers by being able to write a song with hooks that stick in the listener's head instead of just uncontrollably jumping around from genre to genre. The diehard metal dudes/dudettes might be scared off by the melodies enclosed within, which is another sign Trivium is doing something right. Not entirely breaking ground, Trivium are still hanging out outside the beaten path, using elements of metalcore, thrash and what is damn near indie rock at times. I mean, after listening to crud like the new Avenged Sevenfold, this shit is brilliant. (Lifeforce)