Trivium Ascendancy

Of course, any rational human’s first thought is going to be wondering why albums like this, with only a handful of bad words to be found in the lyric sheet, are still getting labelled with the old parental advisory logo on the front cover. I mean, what kind of label are we dealing with? Oh, yeah, Roadrunner. Okay, that may be strike one, and Trivium’s melodic metal? The jury’s still out, scratching their heads, moshing a bit, scowling a bit, and trying to figure out if this perfectly done album is a masterpiece or a stinking piece of cheese. Well, maybe it’s neither, but it’s clear that Trivium are suddenly giving Shadows Fall and All That Remains a run for their money in the melodic hardcore/metal sweepstakes. Something about it all rings kind of bandwagonsque, but a bigger part of me wants to believe Trivium will keep crafting this sound after the fad wears off, as Ascendancy is meticulously crafted and passionately delivered. (Roadrunner)