TriBeCaStan New Deli

The quirky compositions and lively improvisations of the TriBeCaStan FolkLorkEstra will take you on a musical journey though time and space. Founders Jeff Greene and John Kruth carried out extensive musical research amongst Bosnian Gypsies, Indians and Moroccans throughout Western China, Cuba and Uzbekistan to collect musical concepts and sounds. This led to the formation of TriBeCaStan in NYC. They are a group that possess a unique sound, fusing music from different countries. TriBeCaStan are similar to the way popular musicians in'60s and '70s India, Thailand and Ethiopia borrowed and reworked American music, only in reverse. Listen to the group interaction on "Song For Kroncha" and you'll instantly recognize that TriBeCaStan aren't your average jazz-rock or world-beat fusion group. There are many instances demonstrating this throughout the release. Bob Musso's Tom Petty-esque vocals on "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," framed between Arabic-sounding musical interludes, or the soul jazz/harmonica blues mash-up intro of "Dive Bomber" are but two of the many examples. The ensemble leave no country (and its sounds) untouched. The beauty of New Deli is that as a result of musical risks and stylistic mash-ups, the listener is left with a sound that's unique. It's a sound that's distinctively TriBeCaStan. (Evergreene)