Trespassers William Having

After generating considerable interest following their previous release Different Stars, Southern California’s masters of dreamy pop return with their third studio album, which is easily their finest. The sound has been refined and expanded — a noticeable influence of legendary producer Dave Fridmann. The long, soft washes of guitar, subtle drums, and lullaby vocals of Anna-Lynne Williams are still present, but there is a brighter, richer diversity of sound throughout the album. As nice as their previous work is, it did suffer from being a bit of the same — excellent bedtime listening, but nothing really jumped out. Having does maintain a consistent slow tempo, and the melodies are pretty much the same, but the overall experience feels fuller, more complete. The volume even picks up on tracks like "I Don't Mind,” making a more obvious nod to their shoegazer influences. Melancholic, atmospheric, intense and beautiful. (Nettwerk)