Trent Reznor Joins Twitter Exodus: "We Don't Need the Arrogance of the Billionaire Class"

"For my mental health, I need to tune out. I don't feel good being there anymore."

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 21, 2022

It's Elon Musk's Twitter and we're just living in it. Except we technically don't have to be, as Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor would like to remind us.

Many high-profile users have been banned or suspended from the platform since the billionaire's takeover, and some former presidents' accounts have been reinstated. At least 1,000 employees quit the social media company last week [via The New York Times] after the not-so-benevolent overlord had already laid off half the staff.

A man of the Tweeple, Reznor has put his "We're in This Together" money where his mouth is. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he announced that he plans on leaving the platform.

UPDATE (21/11 2:02 p.m. ET): Musk has responded to Reznor's exodus, maturely tweeting: "And it turns out that Trent 'nine inch nails' Reznor is actually a crybaby."
When the publication asked the musician for his take on the current hellscape of Twitter Dot Com, he promptly replied, "Embarrassing."

Reznor continued, "I'm about to depart. We don't need the arrogance of the billionaire class to feel like they can just come in and solve everything."

"Even without [Musk] involved, I just find that it has become such a toxic environment," he explained. "For my mental health, I need to tune out. I don't feel good being there anymore."

Whoopi Goldberg, Shonda Rhimes, Liz Phair, Sara Bareilles, Gigi Hadid, Toni Braxton and Jack White's Third Man Records are among the other celebrities who have logged off since the end of Twitter's pre-Musk era. Contrary to popular belief, Jimmy Fallon is seemingly still alive and using the app.

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