Treasa Levasseur Low Fidelity

This Toronto-based songstress surprised many with her strong 2006 debut, Not A Straight Line. That recording revealed Levasseur’s musical heart: a place where soul, blues, country, folk, gospel, ’60s-style pop and Motown all beat together. For Low Fidelity, Levasseur honed her compositional skills, called in a first-rate group of musical pals and with guitarist David Gavan Baxter, set about producing a terrific follow-up that exceeds the high expectations created by that first CD. What immediately jumps out is Levasseur’s voice; she has the power to shout like Sister Aretha and the depth to croon like Irma Thomas. The ten songs flow together nicely while offering plenty of musical variety, although it’s fair to say Southern soul and gospel are the primary genres represented this time. The lead track, "Help Me Over (To The Other Side),” co-written with fellow Sundowners Corin Raymond and Sean Cotton, righteously kicks things off, the joyous "Amen” bringing things full circle to close a most enjoyable set. (Slim Chicken)