Trash Talk Line Up Eyes & Nines

Trash Talk Line Up <i>Eyes & Nines</i>
Sacramento, CA-based hardcore quartet Trash Talk have made quite the name for themselves with their fast, heavy and addictive crossover hardcore. The band rose to prominence with their first two albums, and will surely continue that domination with the release of their third full-length this summer.

The album is called Eyes & Nines, and was produced by the Bronx's Joby Ford. The band also borrowed the Bronx's Matt Caughthran to lend some vocals to the album, and even roped in a guest appearance from Bad Religion guitarist and punk rock royalty Greg Hetson.

Eyes & Nines will be available digitally on May 18 and in a real-life tangible format on June 8 via the band's own Trash Talk Collective imprint. Eyes & Nines:

1. "Vultures"

2. "Flesh and Blood"

3. "Explode"

4. "Hash Wednesday"

5. "More"

6. "Rabbit Holes"

7. "I Do"

8. "Trudge"

9. "On a Fix"

10. "Eyes and Nines"