Totimoshi ¿Mysterioso?

It’s no surprise that eclectic alt-metal/doomsters Totimoshi hail from California’s Bay area and that Melvins’ brainchild King Buzzo is their hero. Produced by Fudge Tunnel/Nailbomb mastermind Alex Newport, ¿Mysterioso? cruises through the sludge like the most rocking Melvins opus, making pit stops along the way to explore sound oddities. Anchored by bassist Meg Castellanos, "Float” and "Screwed” are bottom-end riff fests of double-kick, ride cymbals used as crashes and near-Middle Eastern guitar harmonics, while "The Bleed” is a bucking bronco that kicks you in the gut like the first time you heard Melvins’ Stoner Witch. "Dirt Farmer” is a fast-paced instrumental that is followed by a manipulated victrola recording called "Vitreol-a.” "Oblivion” reprises past chordage with guitarist Tony Aguilar’s warm, gravelly vocal tones and "Horselaugh” parallels the sludgy halting brilliance of the Melvins classic "Night Goat.” With fantastical Dave Patchett-esque artwork, ¿Mysterioso? will brand the name Totimoshi on your brain for months to come. (Berserker)