Tosca J.A.C.

Tosca have always been masters of blending funky electro-jazz with world beat rhythms to create elegant and laidback music with bits of nomadic-hipster soul and J.A.C. is no different. After Dorfmeister and Huber both had children of their own they chose to create a collection of songs dedicated to women. J.A.C. is a slow ride across a familiar landscape of ambience and sensuality that shifts from graceful world groove to unassuming dance floor bumpers. Tracks such as the jazzed-out gypsy soul of "Heidi Bruehl,” the spacey blues of "The Big Sleep,” the psychedelic east-Indian influenced "Naschkatze,” and the eerie dub of "Sala” push the elements of funk and world normally found on a Tosca record to new sonic heights. 2003’s highly acclaimed Delhi9 took Tosca to strange levels of musical experimentation and helped show yet another side of Dorfmeister’s deep musical appreciation. On J.A.C., Tosca have revamped a few old tricks and created some new sounds that will subtly entrance listeners and take them on an audible journey into smoky cafés, dimly lit lounges and humid nightclubs all around the world. (!K7)