Torquil Campbell of Stars Wants to Write a Custom Song for You

He's taking commissions for $1,000

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 4, 2022

As the singer of Stars (and the leader of myriad projects), Torquil Campbell has written plenty of well-known songs. Now, he is offering to write a custom song for you — yes, you! — for a price.

Campbell tweeted that, "in an effort to, um, survive," he is offering custom songwriting services. For the price of $1,000, buyers will get sole rights to the song and the only copy of it.

In the replies section of the tweet, Campell noted that the songs would be "homemade, but bespoke," with arrangements dictated by the subject matter. He wrote, "My aim is to write songs which see you."

Campbell is accepting assignments directly via Twitter, so slide into his DMs if you've got a grand and want a custom song.

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