Toronto Billionaire Outbids Snoop Dogg in Ottawa Senators Ownership Race

Michael Andlauer will be the new owner of the Sens
Toronto Billionaire Outbids Snoop Dogg in Ottawa Senators Ownership Race
Photos: Rob Masefield (Senators), Rootology (Snoop)
Snoop Dogg's dreams of owning the Ottawa Senators have reportedly gone up in smoke as the team chose to go with a different offer. 

Snoop had teamed up with L.A.-based entrepreneur Neko Sparks to make a bid for the hockey team, but the Sens decided to roll with Toronto billionaire Michael Andlauer's offer, who's reportedly coughing up $1 billion USD for the franchise, the highest price an NHL team has ever sold for, TMZ reports.

Snoop Dogg has not commented on the situation yet, but it is undoubtedly disappointing for the rapper as he was reportedly "passionately involved" in the bidding wars and "legitimately excited" at the possibility of owning the Sens.

Snoop has been a hockey fan for 25 years and was reportedly hoping to market hockey to families of diverse backgrounds and make the sport more accessible to low-income families, something he previously did with football through the Snoop Football League in 2005.

Andlauer expressed his excitement in a statement, saying, "I believe that the Senators' fanbase is one of the most passionate in the league, and I'm excited to take the franchise's success both on and off the ice to the next level."

Andlauer currently owns Ontario Hockey League's Hamilton Bulldogs along with a minority share in the Montreal Canadiens, as well as being a member of the NHL's board of governors.

As previously reported, Ryan Reynolds and the Weeknd had also entered the race to purchase the Sens.