Too Pure To Die Confess

Just a few moments in, "Confess" comes off like Too Pure Too Die have some feelings of hatred towards someone, and the uber-nu metal/Avenged Sevenfold back-up vocals really put a stinker on this album. If you can overlook the back ups, you may be into the straightforward chugging hardcore that Too Pure Too Die offer, and if not, you should move on with your musical life. Des Moines, IA's TPTD have released their second full-length, continuing down the arm-flailing path of hardcore with little variation musically. Confess is riddled with breakdowns, muted chugs and hostile thoughts, and that may be the formula that TPTD will always stick to: they sound tight, punchy, heavy and all-around spot on. The fair way to sum up this release is that Confess will be loved by fans and everyone else will just go on with their life. (Trustkill)