Too Pure To Die Confidence and Consequence

Another instalment of East coast hardcore from Trustkill, Too Pure To Die’s full-length, Confidence and Consequence, is good, old-fashioned hardcore with no surprises or attempts at being anything other than what it should be. With lyrics like "Face down on the ground in this game of life. Pick me up or leave me” and "Regardless of the obstacles I know the things I still love,” vocalist Paul Zurlo gets straight to the angry point without beating around the bush. Too Pure To Die offer music that relies heavily on ample metal guitar rips throughout, as well as the commonly found breakdown. They do vary their breakdowns, offering a slow version that would get the ever-famous floor punch going or a faster take that would make for great windmills in the middle of a crowd. Even though Too Pure To Die stick to the conventional, they pull it off well, much like Terror or Modern Life Is War. (Trustkill)