Too High Crew, Wars, Heavy Steps Treated to Cassette Reissues

Too High Crew, Wars, Heavy Steps Treated to Cassette Reissues
Vancouver musician Chris Van Der Laan has been issuing a number of digital records the past couple of years through his Boat Dreams From the Hill imprint, but he is now treating his back catalogue from Too High Crew, Wars and more to a series of cassettes releases.

While a limited-edition tape release of stoned-out rap unit Too High Crew's summer 2013 freelease Welcome to Fraser Street is available now, the rest of the upcoming cassettes are due to hit stores November 19.

Van Der Laan's pop-punk crew Wars are issuing their Neville Say Never on a turquoise-coloured cassette, while their 2011 set Pacey From Mighty Ducks will arrive on bright orange plastic.

Moody pop project Heavy Steps' 2012 debut You, Conduit is also entering the physical world, with the 14-song set being served up on a brown cassette with "Kids in the Hall-themed white pad print mosaic." The last tape release is Squints Palledorous's debut The Great Bambino, which comes on a purple cassette.

Each tape is limited to 50 copies, and can be ordered over here. If you don't have a working tape player, each release is also available as a pay-what-you-want download.

Speaking to Exclaim!, Van Der Laan notes that both Wars and Heavy Steps have new singles due sometime next January, with albums to follow in the spring.