Too High Crew "Ounce on the Way"

Too High Crew 'Ounce on the Way'
Screen-cleaning rappers Too High Crew are ready for you to take in another of their hits. As you'd expect, the collective's "Ounce on the Way" once again has them lacing their rhymes with stoner culture-friendly vibes.

RyRy, a self-described "MC Hesher," rifles off the first set of bars, noting everyday is Christmas if there's cannabis around. Clamdigga serves up a sex-style narrative before Chrissy delivers a loveably 'lax, last minute verse. "Sorry I was late, but I bought an ounce on the way," he raps before closing the cut.

As for the track's dance-rock backdrop, it's an unused instrumental track from long-gone Vancouver project Gang Violence, which featured onetime You Say Party members Rob Andow and Bobby Siadat (a.k.a. Bobby Draino). It's one of a handful of unreleased songs the band recorded before calling it quits.

Too High Crew's Chrissy (a.k.a. Chris Van Der Laan) told Exclaim!, "This song was the only one not recorded to a click but I did over 14,000 edits on it to get that bitch on a grid."

You can hear the results down below.