Tomahawk's Duane Denison Reveals His Canadian Connection

Tomahawk's Duane Denison Reveals His Canadian Connection
Tomahawk's latest record, the alternately spooky and searing experimental alt-rock vision quest Oddfellows, is making the rounds and gaining notoriety among critics. In a recent interview with Exclaim!, guitarist and songwriter Duane Denison (ex-Jesus Lizard) revealed an interesting tidbit about his family history and connection to Canada: several of Denison's ancestors fought for Canada during the First World War.

"My grandfather, Brandon Denison, fought in the Canadian army in WWI," Denison explains.

But it wasn't only Denison's grandfather that put on a Canadian military uniform; two of his brothers, Denison's great grand-uncles, fought in the same battles as well. All three brothers were originally from Ontario, Denison says, and while all three made it home, not all of them were unscathed.

"My great grand-uncle Fred has a piece of shrapnel in his cheek. He had this dent in his face, from 'the Jerries shooting off grenades,'" he says.

This connection to Canada makes the lack of Canadian dates on Tomahawk's upcoming tour schedule to support Oddfellows particularly painful, Denison admits.

"It's become more difficult for bands [to travel to Canada]. It used to be so easy, and now it's become a lot more difficult. I don't know why. I wish things were easier between these two countries."

Denison is quick to note that it is not a lack of desire to go to Canada that is behind them not coming too far north on this tour cycle. "There's nothing on the books yet for Canada, as much as I wish there was."

Tomahawk's current tour dates see them heading down the West Coast of the U.S. before heading to Australia and South America later in the spring. With future summer and fall tour dates still in the works, there may still be hope for Denison and co to schedule a visit to his honorary homeland, but in the meantime, find the band's dates here.

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Watch Tomahawk's new video for "Oddfellows" below.