Tom Petty's Daughters Are Suing His Widow for $5 Million

The late star's children allege mismanagement of his estate

Photo: Chris Bubinas

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 15, 2019

An ongoing battle over the management of Tom Petty's estate has now led his two daughters to sue the rocker's widow.

As The Blast reports, Dana Petty is being sued by the late singer's daughters, Adria Petty and Annakim Violette (formerly Petty), for allegedly mismanaging the estate and costing the company over $5 million USD.

According to the report, court documents claim that Dana and others have withheld assets from Petty Unlimited, diverting them to a competing company, Tom Petty Legacy LLC.

Per The Blast, the lawsuit claims, "As direct and proximate cause of Defendant Dana York Petty's usurpation of Plaintiff s business opportunities as alleged herein, Plaintiff has suffered and continues to suffer damage in an amount in excess of $5 million, according to proof at trial."

Last month, Dana filed a petition in Los Angeles County Court alleging that Adria and Annakim were attempting to thwart her role as trustee for the estate. The petition requested the court appoint a manager for "significant decisions" pertaining to the estate that would require consensus from all three women.

Dana's petition also alleged that Adria exhibited "erratic behaviour" towards herself, in addition to Petty's managers, record labels and former bandmates, claiming her actions "made it exceedingly — and increasingly — difficult to carry on business and has threatened the Trust's business dealings and important relationships with the Heartbreakers, Tom's record labels (which are critical to the ongoing success of the franchise), and Tom's longstanding management team."

The petition further claimed that Adria's actions held up the release of a posthumous hits compilation, in addition to a 25th anniversary edition of Petty's 1994 solo LP Wildflowers complete with previously unheard music.

"Although Petitioner did everything in her power to treat Adria and Annakim as family," Dana's petition read, "sadly, they, and in particular Adria, have repeatedly demonstrated their resentment over their father's love of Petitioner and her role in his life."

Of Adria and Annakim's lawsuit, Dana's lawyer Adam Streisand told The Blast, "This misguided and meritless lawsuit sadly demonstrates exactly why Tom Petty designated his wife to be the sole trustee with authority to manage his estate. Dana will not allow destructive nonsense like this to distract her from protecting her husband's legacy."

Petty died in 2017 of an accidental drug overdose. He was 66. The Best of Everything compilation celebrating the rocker's work arrived this past March.

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