Tom DeLonge to Release Blink-182 Demos?

Tom DeLonge to Release Blink-182 Demos?
There may be some new Blink-182 material coming our way next month, according to Tom DeLonge. The catch is that the guitarist-vocalist, who has been on the outs with the rest of the band of late, will be delivering personal demos.

Alien-believing DeLonge announced his intentions to unveil the demos over Twitter last night (February 18), but has since deleted the post. He explained that the "personal recordings of new blink demos" and a few extra cuts would be up on his website March 1. Currently, the website is fit with nothing more than the words "coming soon."

Luckily, Alternative Press published a screengrab of the deleted tweet, and you can see that below.

This is but the latest chapter in the Blink-182 band drama, which started when bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker revealed publicly that they were moving on without him. They later explained in an interview that DeLonge was "absolutely" out of the band, claiming he was ungrateful and often bailing out of projects and recording sessions at the last minute.

DeLonge would go on to defend himself, saying he's been fighting for the band to move forward as well, but didn't see eye to eye on certain artistic fronts. He implied, for instance, that the other members put pressure on him to limit his activity with his other band, Angels & Airwaves, which he refused to do.

Only time will tell if DeLonge's Blink demos will actually make it up online.