​Tom Cochrane Releases Humboldt Broncos Version of "Big League"

​Tom Cochrane Releases Humboldt Broncos Version of 'Big League'
Last week, Tom Cochrane paid homage to the Humboldt Broncos with a live performance of "Big League," and now he's released the revamped version of the song as a single.
Like the live performance, the recording features an adapted third verse that honours the victims of the horrific Humboldt Broncos' bus crash in Saskatchewan earlier this month.
In the new verse, Cochrane sings: "All the right moves when he turned 18 / Ridin' to the game and ridin' with his team / Ridin' with their friends and ridin' for their dreams / Ridin' off to immortality in the big league."
According to Universal Music, proceeds from the release of the single will go to the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation, which was established earlier this week.
Download Cochrane's new take on "Big League" from your music provider of choice here, or stream it via Apple Music and Spotify below.