​Tom Cochrane Pays Homage to Humboldt Broncos with New Version of "Big League"

​Tom Cochrane Pays Homage to Humboldt Broncos with New Version of 'Big League'
Tom Cochrane performed a reworked version of "Big League" in honour of victims of the horrific Humboldt Broncos bus crash in northern Saskatchewan last week.
The Canadian singer appeared on TSN's NHL playoff preview last night (April 10) and performed an acoustic version of the song to a montage of photos showcasing the junior hockey team.
The original song appeared on 1988 album Victory Day, and tells the story of a father whose son's hockey dreams were dashed by a truck driving in the wrong lane.
In the wake of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy, many Canadians have adopted the song as a tribute anthem due to the narrative similarities. Cochrane adjusted some of the lyrics to "Big League" during his TSN appearance to specifically address the victims of the recent crash.
He sang: "All the right moves when he turned 18 / Ridin' to the game and ridin' with his team / Ridin' with their friends and ridin' for their dreams / Ridin' off to immortality in the big league."
The death count from the accident currently sits at 15; another 14 people were injured in the crash.
Watch the commemorative performance here via CTV.