To Rococo Rot

Hotel Morgen

BY Darren EkePublished Aug 1, 2004

Lovers of The Amateur View will cause quite a line up, but the German trio has ensured that all listeners will be able to check into Hotel Morgen without any reservation. Stefan Schneider and the brothers Lippok (Ronald and Robert) weave natural resonance into their electronics, constructing their sixth full-length into a blend of rich analog warmth. Introducing the album with a lascivious shuffle, "Dahlem” should also be credited for its construction of numerous layers of effects without being too burdensome on the melody. On the other hand, "Feld” is the black sheep of the album. This track is a study in rhythmic contrasts, like a collision between a pacemaker and a metal detector system; two different pulses competing for the same airspace that, while pleasant for some, can cause a less-than-desirable effect on an unfortunate few. But don’t worry — there are plenty of opportunities to sink back into a regulated beat. Tracks like "Miss You” and "Basic” highlight how To Rococo Rot often get lumped with other minimal artists, but it’s their process of creating clicks’n’cuts that prove a considerable distance from other contemporaries.

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