Tink "Million" (Aaliyah cover) (video)

Tink 'Million' (Aaliyah cover) (video)
Tink is well on her way to become one of 2015's breakout rappers, and she has continued to press ahead by releasing a video for her reworking of Aaliyah's "One in a Million" (here titled simply "Million").

This electronic R&B track shows off Tink's soulful side, and the accompanying visuals give her lots of opportunities to sing directly into the camera. We see her sitting in an all-white room, while a splash of colour is provided by her flashy outfit, the tangled wires and the blurry camera work. Meanwhile, some other scenes show Tink leading a BDSM-themed dance troupe, and a romantic sub-plot reinforces the doting lyrics.

Watch the video below. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for the details surrounding Tink's forthcoming album, Think Tink.