Tim Hecker Announces 'Virgins' Album

Tim Hecker Announces 'Virgins' Album
It's been two years since Montreal-based composer Tim Hecker released his excellent Ravedeath, 1972 LP. Since then, he's released a companion piece called Dropped Pianos and an album-long collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin. This year, however, he'll return with another proper solo LP.

The new release is called Virgins and marks Hecker's first for Paper Bag Records in Canada (it'll come out via Kranky in the rest of the world).

According to a press release, the album was recorded in three periods throughout 2012 at studios in Reykjavik, Montreal and Seattle.

The writeup goes on to explain that the new album expands on Hecker's previous work, saying, "The sound palette of this work is wider, almost 'percussive' and tighter sounding than previous works.... This record employs woodwinds, piano and synthesizers towards an effort at doing what digital music does not do naturally — making music that is out of time, out of tune and out of phase."

Further, the album is said to reference "the theological aspirations of early minimalist music. But it is not 'fake church music' for a secular age, rather something like an attempt at the sound of frankincense in slow-motion, or of a pulsing, flickering fluorescence in the grotto."

Virgins will be available on October 15. Check out the cover art above and the tracklisting below.


1. Prism
2. Virginal I
3. Radiance
4. Live Room
5. Live Room Out
6. Virginal II
7. Black Refraction
8. Incense at Abu Ghraib
9. Amps, Drugs, Harmonium
10. Stigmata I
11. Stigmata II
12. Stab Variation