T.I. Back in Prison Yet Again

T.I. Back in Prison Yet Again
Whether it's something he's doing or some sort of animal magnetism that the prison guards have towards him, there's something about Southern rap star T.I. that just can't keep him out of jail. Despite being released from his prison stay yesterday (September 1), the rapper born Clifford Harris is already back in the pen.

According to TMZ, T.I. was meant to conclude his final month of prison at a halfway house in Atlanta. However, authorities took issue with T.I.'s decision to use a luxury bus to travel from the prison in Arkansas to the halfway house, and threw him back behind bars.

While prisoners are allowed to use any vehicle to travel to the halfway house, they are required to have the mode of transportation approved before using it. T.I. had a van approved for travel, but switched it out with the ballin' party mobile without approval.

There were no drugs or alcohol found on the bus, and T.I. arrived at the halfway house sober and on time, but it was still enough to have the rapper placed back in police custody.

It's unknown when T.I. will be released at this time, but we're guessing the justice system will continue to find excuses to keep him in the klink.