Thursday Announce Full Collapse 10th Anniversary Tour

Thursday Announce <i>Full Collapse</i> 10th Anniversary Tour
A general rule in the music business is to tour your current record. After all, if a label has recently sunk some dough into the album, the least you can do is go out on the road and promote the hell out of it. However, in recent years, there have been a rash of artists celebrating their back catalogue in a major way, and we're not just talking about spicing up your performances with some greatest hits. From Devo performing classic albums like Freedom of Choice in their entirety, to Weezer's Memories tour, more and more musicians are looking to entire previous albums to make up their set lists.

Having wrapped up the tour cycle for their 2009 full-length, Common Existence, New Jersey screamo rockers Thursday have jumped on the trend. The long-running group are getting ready to hit the road to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut disc, Full Collapse.

Released in 2001, the album found the outfit stoking crowds with a blend of hardcore licks and emo melodies on now-classics like "Understanding in a Car Crash" and "Cross out the Eyes." Though the band have grown since their early days, vocalist Geoff Rickly still feels monumentally proud of the disc. It was an album that altered the singer's personal life profoundly.

"Full Collapse was a record that changed the course and shape of my life," he said in a statement. "We began touring for it in basements and VFW halls, continued, opening for bands like the Murder City Devils and Rival Schools and ended up as a full-time touring band meeting hundreds of thousands of people with whom we formed deep and lasting connections."

While the tour will tout a set list that covers all of Full Collapse, the vocalist says that Thursday are also exited to debut material off their as-yet-unnamed new album, which will be released on Epitaph sometime next year. Despite the revisit, Rickly knows the group need to move on.

"Time passes and we embrace new music and different goals, but ten years later,
Full Collapse continues to move people and for that we are very grateful," he added. "This tour is a celebration of those times and the end of a chapter in the life of Thursday."

No dates have been posted as of yet, but the Full Collapse tour will begin in January.