Threat Signal Under Reprisal

Something about this band just reeks of Canadian metal, so it comes as no surprise to see one of Nuclear Blast’s latest singings is from Toronto. Bringing to mind another Canuck outfit, Into Eternity, with the mixture of jarring thrash and melodic metal, Threat Signal go for more of a European sound in general than Into Eternity. Mainly and most obviously, the Meshuggah influence is ludicrous here. Damn, Meshuggah’s a great band, but they’re one of a kind. With them, a little influence goes a long way, and Threat Signal need to cut back on the worship. But in other places, such as "When All is Said and Done,” it’s balls to the wall thrash, and it sounds great. The band also incorporate clean vocals in a way that works. Not unlike Soilwork or early Fear Factory (incidentally, Christian Olde Wolbers of that band produced this disc), vocalist Jon Howard soars and takes the listener with him, bringing to mind vintage ’80s metal in spirit, and modern Gothenburg thrash in sound. Under Reprisal (the band’s debut) is almost a bit too much, something they probably learnt from Into Eternity, but mainly it just sounds too much like Meshuggah. But once Threat Signal grow into their skin, they’re going to be one of Canada’s favourite metal bands. (Nuclear Blast)