Thievery Corporation/Various The Outernational Sound

Playing in clubs across the world ought to give DJs a good idea of what the majority of people will respond to, and with Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, this is definitely the case. The Outernational Sound showcases the duo’s flair for seamlessly combining world music influences with down-tempo and funk. The first eight tracks deftly promote a smooth and dreamy feel, imbuing a background of suave chill-out vibes. However, at track nine (there are 20), the album grabs attention. The funky bass of Big Boss Man’s "Sea Groove” suggests a little dancing might be in order rather than just lounging with cocktails and chatter, and the old school funk of Breakestra’s "Cramp Your Style” and the zestful breaks of Major Force’s "Re-Return of the Original Artform” carry this upsurge along while adding a dash more substance. As with their DJ Kicks mix, their latest compilation includes Indian Vibes‚ "Mathar” (another version) and label-mates, the Karminsky Experience. Although Thievery Corporation do not transgress any boundaries with The Outernational Sound, they keep the space between the edges chilled, groovy and cushy. (Eighteenth Street Lounge)