The White Swan

The White

BY Denise FalzonPublished Jun 7, 2017

London, ON's the White Swan (led by Mercedes Lander of Kittie and the Alcohollys) have really hit the ground running. Shortly after announcing their existence late last year, the trio — which also features bassist Kira Longeuay (the Alcohollys) and guitarist Shane Jeffers — released their stunning debut EP, Anubis. Now, just seven months later, they're already back with their followup, titled The White.
The new EP picks up right where Anubis left off, featuring three songs that showcase their brand of sludgy, synth-filled crushing doom. Instrumental opener "North Carolina" starts the EP off with steadily paced, colossal rhythms before piercing, feedback-ridden guitars enter the mix midway through the exceptionally heavy six-and-a-half minute track. Lander's strikingly beautiful vocals are introduced on the next track, "Lions," which also features dark and fuzzy, captivating tones, as well as gorgeous melodies.
The '70s rock-esque title track finishes the EP with thick, grungy riffs that contrast Lander's soaring vocal harmonies and atmospheric synths. Equal parts gloomy and dreamy, The White captures a more refined approach than the band's previous release, as the White Swan continue to settle into and hone their sound.

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