The Washboard Union

What We're Made Of

BY Marlo AshleyPublished Apr 20, 2018

The Washboard Union are made up of step-brothers Aaron Grain and Chris Duncombe with best friend David Roberts. This trio won countless Country Music Awards and developed into songwriting aficionados. Their current single "What We're Made Of" includes a folk-pop melody that combines Madeline Merlo's "Motel Flamingo" and the Zac Brown Band, accented by three-part harmonies singing a millennial whoop with a pop rock hook, acoustic guitars and a banjo. The pop rock musicality and millennial whoop play a key role in What We're Made Of embodying two more songs, "Livin Outta Livin" and "Keep Ya Crazy."
By using a harmonica, "Wild Angel" is similar to Dean Brody's "Soggy Bottom Summer," but differs with multiple banjo riffs. The uplifting fast-paced folk-pop / country radio hit "Shine" opposes the rhythm and blues tempo on "Good To You," which combines electronic and acoustic drums superbly and evokes a sentimental wedding bells soundtrack.
What We're Made of creates a liaison between country, pop and modernity with the consistent use of the millennial whoop, a banjo and pop rock guitars. Some tracks try too hard, others fall flat and a few hit the goldilocks sweet spot. With trial and error, the Washboard Union could be re-inventing the country genre by resurrecting pop rock and adding a twist.

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