The Veils Tap El-P for 'Total Depravity'

The Veils Tap El-P for 'Total Depravity'
London-formed indie group the Veils are sinking into wickedness this summer, it would seem, considering the band are about to drop a new album called Total Depravity. The outfit's first full-length release in three years is set to corrupt us all August 26 via Nettwerk Records.

The follow-up to 2013's Time Stays, We Go features 12 tracks. The collection was produced by Run the Jewels rapper El-P, Adam "Atom" Greenspan and the band's own Finn Andrews.

A statement from the singer explains that it took a couple of years to put the record together. Lyrically, the album has Andrews threading together narratives that involve Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, Axolotls (a.k.a. the rather adorable Mexican species of "walking fish"), "kind natured crocodiles," "a psychotic truck driver," the Pope, and Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman.

"The songs are all stories of various kinds," Andrews explained, "some experienced firsthand, others fabricated for my own amusement. It's the first time I've ever written songs using mutilated loops and sounds as a starting point, though some of the songs also began on piano and were messed with later."

While sonic previews have yet to arrive, you'll find the tracklisting info for Total Depravity below. That'd be Nicola Samorì's seemingly abyss-munching/barfing cover art up above.

Total Depravity:

1. Axolotl
2. A Bit on the Side
3. Low Lays the Devil
4. King of Chrome
5. Swimming With the Crocodiles
6. Here Come the Dead
7. In the Blood
8. Iodine & Iron
9. House of Spirits
10. Do Your Bones Glow at Night?
11. In the Nightfall
12. Total Depravity