The Underachievers Lords of Flatbush 3

The Underachievers Lords of Flatbush 3
The Underachievers' Lords of Flatbush 3 comes fresh off their appearance on Beast Coast's Escape From New York. Issa Gold and AKTHESAVIOR briefly broke away from the pack for a short and sweet project full of vigour and aggression. The duo present a stack of nine tracks, produced by Dallas born-and-raised YDNA, and the result is a unique blend of New York-style flows over Dirty South trap beats.
At times, the loops can be repetitive, and the EP has fleeting moments of monotony, but the beat pacing is smart and concise, so whenever there is a lull, the next section of the track is sure to pick things back up. Full of ethereal, airy melodies, deep, distorted bass and sharp claps, snaps and snares, the EP strikes a dark, menacing chord that resonates throughout.
The lyrics are standard fare for the Underachievers — realness, anime/videogame references and conscious rap. They pair well with the trap beats, but the content can be middling, especially when compared to the raw, emotionally charged stories featured on the album from the Beast Coast collective.
It may not be as great as Escape From New York, but it's a decent enough outing. Fans of the Underachievers will certainly dig Lords of Flatbush 3. (Slang)