The Sheepdogs "Bad Lieutenant" (NSFW video)

The Sheepdogs 'Bad Lieutenant' (NSFW video)
Saskatoon throwback rockers the Sheepdogs are keeping the momentum behind their latest album Future Nostalgia going with a brand new video for "Bad Lieutenant" — and Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere.
The clip follows up previous singles "I'm Gonna Be Myself" and "Downtown," and arrives courtesy of director Michael Maxxis. The video follows the song's titular character on a crime bust gone wrong, followed by a glimpse into his less than law-abiding life off the job.

"'Bad Lieutenant' is the story of a bad, bad man who hides his evil by wearing a disguise," explains Ewan Currie from the band. "It's the juxtaposition of good and evil as personified by the Bad Lieutenant movies: both Abel Ferrara's original starring Harvey Keitel and Werner Herzog's update featuring Nicholas Cage. We turned it over to director Maxxis, who brings to life this dark story about the evil that men do."

"I need to thank the Sheepdogs, their management, and their record labels for their open-mindedness and patience with me," added Maxxis. "Each day I was sending them revisions for approval, and every time they welcomed the changes — the stranger and edgier the better. With that said, this video is not about being weird for the sake of being weird. It's an excavation into the human psyche, and the impulses that are bubbling under the surface. The song is inspired by the film Bad Lieutenant, so everyone wanted to have a cop element, but I did not want to do ANYTHING like the films. I love both movies, and felt that the original story had already been served perfectly - no need for me to do a cheap four minute version. I flushed any inclinations to reference the movies, and did my own thing."
There's sex, drugs and blood, so it's not necessarily the most workplace-friendly viewing, but if you make it through the whole without getting fired, you're in for a twist at the end.
Watch the video for "Bad Lieutenant" below.