The Sheepdogs "Downtown" (video)

The Sheepdogs 'Downtown' (video)
While most of us, if we're lucky, have drowsy muzak coursing through the overhead speakers above our cubicles, it looks as if a Prairies-area workplace has got the Sheepdogs working overtime. You can find the act crashing Casual Friday with their classic rock riffs in the new video for their Future Nostalgia single, "Downtown."

Desk-locked pencil-pushers are sharing space with drum kits and crooning keyboardists in the light-hearted look at the 9-to-5 lifestyle. The unbuttoned rock posse have different goals in mind than their golf-enthusiast overlord, though, and shirk what one would assume would be a regular day's duties to serenade office mates and slide into boardroom meetings for some funky bass action.

Will this unorthodox approach get the Sheepdogs a promotion, or at least notch up a couple more albums sales? Who knows, but you can see the video down below.

As previously reported, Future Nostalgia wafts our way October 2 via Warner Music.