The Replacements Treat 'Don't Tell a Soul' to Rarities Box Set

'Dead Man's Pop' includes the album alongside unreleased sessions and live recordings
The Replacements Treat 'Don't Tell a Soul' to Rarities Box Set
This year marks three decades since the Replacements released Don't Tell a Soul, and the band have now announced it's getting an expanded box set reissue to mark the occasion.

Arriving September 27 through Rhino, the Dead Man's Pop box set features the album "mixed as it was originally intended," in addition to a collection of previously unheard tracks and a live recording of the band's entire set at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on June 2, 1989. The set also includes five tracks the band recorded with Tom Waits.

The box's 60 tracks are spread across four CDs and one LP, which are housed in a hardcover book featuring rare photographs and liner notes from Bob Mehr, author of 2015 Replacements biography Trouble Boys.

View the box set and pore over the massive tracklisting below.
Dead Man's Pop:

LP & Disc One: Don't Tell a Soul Redux:

1. Talent Show (Matt Wallace Mix)
2. I'll Be You (Matt Wallace Mix)
3. We'll Inherit The Earth (Matt Wallace Mix)
4. Achin' To Be (Matt Wallace Mix)
5. Darlin' One (Matt Wallace Mix)
6. Back to Back (Matt Wallace Mix)
7. I Won't (Matt Wallace Mix)
8. Asking Me Lies (Matt Wallace Mix)
9. They're Blind (Matt Wallace Mix)
10. Anywhere's Better Than Here (Matt Wallace Mix)
11. Rock 'N' Roll Ghost (Matt Wallace Mix)

Disc Two: We Know The Night: Rare & Unreleased:

1. Portland (Alternate Mix) [Bearsville Version]
2. Achin' to Be (Bearsville Version)*
3. I'll Be You (Bearsville Version)*
4. Wake Up (Alternate Mix) (Bearsville Version)
5. We'll Inherit The Earth (Bearsville Version)*
6. Last Thing In The World*
7. They're Blind (Bearsville Version)*
8. Rock 'N' Roll Ghost (Bearsville Version)*
9. Darlin' One (Bearsville Version)*
10. Talent Show (Demo Version)
11. Dance On My Planet
12. We Know The Night (Alternate Outtake)
13. Ought To Get Love (Alternate Mix)
14. Gudbuy T'Jane (Outtake)
15. Lowdown Monkey Blues (Feat. Tom Waits)*
16. If Only You Were Lonely (Feat. Tom Waits)*
17. We Know The Night (Rehearsal) [Feat. Tom Waits]*
18. We Know The Night (Full Band Version) [Feat. Tom Waits]*
19. I Can Help (Feat. Tom Waits)*
20. Date To Church (Matt Wallace Mix)

Disc Three: The Complete Inconcerated Live, Part 1:

1. Alex Chilton (Live)*
2. Talent Show (Live)
3. Back To Back (Live)*
4. I Don't Know (Live)*
5. The Ledge (Live)*
6. Waitress In The Sky (Live)*
7. Anywhere's Better Than Here (Live)
8. Nightclub Jitters (Live)*
9. Cruella De Ville (Live)*
10. Achin' To Be (Live)*
11. Asking Me Lies (Live)*
12. Bastards Of Young (Live)*
13. Answering Machine (Live)
14. Little Mascara (Live)*
15. I'll Be You (Live)*

Disc Four: The Complete Inconcerated Live, Part 2:

1. Darlin' One (Live)*
2. I Will Dare (Live)*
3. Another Girl, Another Planet (Live)
4. I Won't (Live)*
5. Unsatisfied (Live)*
6. We'll Inherit The Earth (Live)*
7. Can't Hardly Wait (Live)*
8. Color Me Impressed (Live)*
9. Born to Lose (Live)*
10. Never Mind (Live)*
11. Here Comes A Regular (Live)
12. Valentine (Live)*
13. Left Of The Dial (Live)*
14. Black Diamond (Live)*

* Previously Unreleased