The Oshawa Music Awards Are Revealing 2020 Winners with a Livestream Series

Early winners include Skye Wallace, Shawn Mendes and more
The Oshawa Music Awards Are Revealing 2020 Winners with a Livestream Series
Like many in the music world, organizers for the Oshawa Music Awards have moved their 2020 proceedings online due to coronavirus, and are announcing this year's recipients with a weekly livestream series.

Set to run April 4 through May 23, the stream series will feature one award category, spotlight the nominees, and announce the winner. ​You can find a complete livestream schedule alongside a list of 2020 nominees and winners below.

Earlier streams saw Shawn Mendes capture Single of the Year for the Camila Cabello-assisted "Señorita," while Skye Wallace's self-titled LP beat out Daniel Caesar's CASE STUDY 01 and Sum 41's Order in Decline to capture Album of the Year.

Elsewhere, Jules McCools and director Keegan Doyle were awarded Music Video of the Year honours for their "Encore" visuals, while Kevin Simpson and Jayson Callan were both named Music Industry Leaders of the Year.

Forthcoming streams will see Chastity, Crown Lands and Robyn Ottolini vie for Artist or Band of the Yearwith honours also coming for Music Teacher of the Year, Durham Region Song of the Year and more.

Tomorrow (April 18), OMA will reveal the winner of their Emerging Artist or Band of the Year award, with Hunter Sheridan, Nathan Carr and Zaftig in contention.

All streams will take place at 7 p.m. ET, and are hosted through OMA's social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Prior to the show, viewers can send in comments and questions on social media using hashtag #OMALiveAtHome.

Further awards and streaming information can be found through the Oshawa Music Awards' Facebook page.

Oshawa Music Awards Livestream Schedule:

04/18 - Emerging Artist or Band of the Year
04/25 - Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame Recipients
05/02 - Music Teacher of the Year
05/09 - Artist or Band of the Year
05/16 - Songwriter of the Year
05/23 - Durham Region Song of the Year

Oshawa Music Awards 2020:

Single of the Year:

"Senorita" - Shawn Mendes

"Cyanide" - Daniel Caesar
"The Girls I Know Don't Think So" - Chastity

Album of the Year:

Skye Wallace - Skye Wallace

CASE STUDY 01 - Daniel Caesar
Order In Decline - Sum 41

Music Video of the Year:

"Encore" - Jules McCools (dir. by Keegan Doyle)

"26oz" - The Doozies (prod. by North Brothers Films)
"Together" - Leah Daniels (dir. by Tim Deegan)

Artist or Band of the Year:

Robyn Ottolini
Crown Lands

Best Songwrtier(s)

Barbara Lynn Doran
Hunter Sheridan

Durham Song of the Year:

"Durham Road" - Kaelan Roddy
"This Is My Home" - Karrie Lynn Dymond
"Blue Collar Blood" - Josh Kvasnak (The Doozies)

Music Teacher(s)

Andrew Cohen
Kristine Dandavino
Michael Paglia

Music Industry Leader of the Year:

Kevin Simpson
Jayson Callan

Emerging Artist or Band of the Year:

Hunter Sheridan
Nathan Carr