The New Taylor Swift Song Is Even More Angsty When Mashed Up with Tool

BY Josiah HughesPublished Sep 5, 2017

With "Look What You Made Me Do" and its accompanying video, Taylor Swift recently reinvented herself as a slightly darker pop star. Still, have you ever wished she'd go full-on prog-metal? If so, your prayers have been answered.

A YouTube whiz named DJ Cummerbund has pieced together a video called "Tooler Swift," which, as its title suggests, combines Swifty's blame-passing anthem with the mathy bass line of Tool's "Schism."

It's a hilarious and surprisingly cohesive mash-up that should also satisfy those jonesing for some new Tool. Check it out below [via Stereogum].

Of course, YouTubers aren't the only internet comedians having some fun with Swift's new persona. The Onion suggested that she had an even darker new song called "Skullfucking Maggot Shit Boyfriend," which was, ultimately, derivative of Anal Cunt and Throbbing Gristle.


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