The Libertines' Drummer Calls Morrissey a "Wazzock" for Snubbing Him over Other Bandmates

Can't stand Moz now

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Aug 9, 2022

It's no secret that Morrissey isn't the peachiest person in the world, and as more and more controversies involving the former Smiths frontman unfold, it seems the more likely his enemies are to reveal themselves. Now, it's Libertines drummer Gary Powell's turn to air his grievances, detailing the multiple occasions that Moz was "rude" to him. 

Reminiscing about performing the Morrissey-curated Meltdown Festival in 2004 with NME, Powell called the singer a "wazzock" for completely ignoring him while still paying attention to the other members of the band.

"He never spoke to me for the two days we did Meltdown. He came up onstage, spoke to everybody in the New York Dolls, and completely blanked me. At the meet and greet afterwards, he didn't even look in my general direction," said Powell.

"When [the Libertines] later did an NME photoshoot with Morrissey, I was stood next to him and he again didn't talk to me — he spoke to everybody else in the band," he continued. "The only thing he said to me was 'Mexico,' grudgingly, and that's because I asked where his ring was from."

Powell continued: "He showed his true colours and feelings towards me and it was a level of ignorance I can't be bothered to deal with." The drummer also added that Morrissey never apologized for repeatedly ignoring him. 

Morrissey has yet to respond to the comments, but it's not likely his bigmouth will strike soon. 

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