Johnny Marr Says He's Close with All of His Collaborators, "Except for the Obvious One"

"The only thing that turned to shit was the Smiths"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jan 13, 2022

Founding Smiths member and current solo guitarist Johnny Marr has opened up about the "obvious" collaborator he is no longer "close" with in a new interview.

Speaking with Uncut Magazine [via NME] about his new solo record Fever Dreams and his history of working with acts like Modest Mouse, Billie Eilish, Hans Zimmer and more, the prolific musician likened the studio collaboration process to "a bit like army buddies or being in a submarine."

However, there was one former collaborator — with whom he formed his career-defining band — who was excluded from Marr's buddies list: Morrissey.

"It's a simplistic way of putting it, but one of the reasons I've been in so many bands was because I wanted to be loyal to them," said Marr. "It won't come as any surprise when I say that I'm really close with everyone I've worked with – except for the obvious one."

He added: "And that isn't that much of a surprise because we're so different, me and Morrissey."

Being "different" from each other is a generous way of putting it. In recent years, Moz has trampled his own public image in a multitude of ways, including voicing some questionable opinions on the pandemic, aligning himself with far-right politicians, selling other artists' merch at his shows and sharing his controversial stance on race.

"Everyone I've worked with has been great. The only thing that turned to shit was the Smiths," Marr continued. "Which is a shame, but shit happens. I hate talking about the group I formed in those terms, the group I loved. But, you know, let's get some perspective."

Marr's two-part Fever Dreams arrived in full last month via BMG. Revisit album cuts "Tenement Time" and "Sensory Street" here

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