The Guy from MGMT Wrote a Trashy Club Track About Coronavirus

BY Josiah HughesPublished Mar 5, 2020

The coronavirus has become a global epidemic, and who better to manage such a thing than a band called MGMT? In fact, the group's Andrew VanWyngarden has shared a goofy dance song about the global pandemic.

It all started when Charli XCX pontificated over who would be the first to namedrop the topical sickness that has most certainly taken the world by storm:

The answer to Charli's question was, of course, MGMT. Specifically, a Twitter account named for the band's Andrew VanWyngarden shared a SoundCloud link, where he wrote, "I didn't finish it today but this is a teaser."

The official MGMT account has retweeted VanWyngarden's account, meaning despite the lack of a blue checkmark, it's almost certainly him.

Listen to a teaser of "Oh No Corona" below.

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