The Garrys

Warm Buds

BY Alexander HarrisPublished May 4, 2016

Saskatoon sister trio the Garrys have more than just genetics in common; Erica, Julie and Lenore clearly have a fondness for lo-fi nu-wop garage sounds that ooze more than they surge, making new album Warm Buds best suited for hazy, humid summer days, when your back sticks to your chair.
Like the river that flows through their stomping grounds, each track on the band's debut has a certain perpetual motion that rarely wavers. Glass-half-empty lyrics, coupled with apathetic and passive vocals are what really define the feel of the record, as demonstrated on "Truey Bluey." There are no guitar acrobatics or monster drum fills; the album contains few distractions and the band sticks to what they know best. A few tracks, particularly "Druscilla" and "Party For One," carry on a touch too long, leaving the listener patiently waiting for the song to take off without quite getting there.
A good first effort when plenty of room for improvement, Warm Buds cements the Garrys as a group worth keeping an eye on.
(Sound and Silence Collective)

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