The Falcon "Glue Factory" / "Sailor's Grave" (acoustic) on No Future

The Falcon 'Glue Factory' / 'Sailor's Grave' (acoustic) on No Future
The Falcon have now lived the average lifespan of their namesake (in the wild), 13 years, but the punk supergroup's output could have tricked you. Despite forming in 2004, the band only had one album and one EP until last year's Gather Up the Chaps. Ten years is a long time between albums, but it's understandable when your day jobs include the Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, the Loved Ones and more.

Fortunately, this Falcon spread its wings for a couple weeks last November and Nihilist Arby's employee Brendan Kelly swung by the Exclaim! office to perform a couple songs solo for us. After choosing his acoustic axe from our guitarsenal of two, he sat down and belted out "Glue Factory" and "Sailor's Grave."

Neither track loses its gusto when stripped down — hell, the former starts out in similar fashion on record — but there's never too many versions of a song you love, so check it them out in the players below and cross your fingers that we don't have to wait another decade for another album.

Sound by Don Vandenheuvel of DeadFly Records.