​The Dears Unveil 'Times Infinity Volume Two' LP, Premiere New Single

BY Sarah MurphyPublished May 4, 2017

The Dears' 2000 debut End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story was recently recognized with Paper Bag Vintage's inaugural reissue, but the Montreal band aren't merely living in the past. In fact, they've just revealed plans for their next album.
Times Infinity Volume Two is set to arrive on July 14 via Paper Bag Records, and logically follows 2015's Times Infinity Volume One.
The latest instalment was recorded at the same time as its predecessor; written over a two-year period and recorded during the summer of 2014 and the spring of 2015 at Toronto's Revolution Recording and Montreal's Hotel2Tango.
"It's funny releasing a new album now that has been in the can, artwork and all, for two years," the band's Murray Lightburn tells Exclaim! "I didn't particularly enjoy the slavery that came with the post-production of both Times Infinity Volume One and Two. It was absolute punishment on my body, mind and soul, sitting at that Neotek mixing desk, twisting around to this piece of gear and that, into the early morning hours. Nevertheless, when the test pressing finally arrived at my house, I was a little emotional about how well it came together in the end and I am very very proud of it."
The first sampling of the 10-track album arrives with lead single "Of Fisticuffs," which takes its cues from a couple of different musical touchstones.
"Off the very top is a snippet from an early two-track session we did at our old space, recorded directly to my Studer A67," Lightburn explains. "The track went through a few make overs and originally sounded a bit like — or reminded me of —that Edwyn Collins track. Mixing Natalia [Yanchak]'s voice up front brought a fresh quality to this in Dears world, which is my favourite part. Really, though, I just kinda wanted it sound a bit like old (English accent) Rolling Stones, hence the barrage of percussion."
You can hear those influences converge by streaming "Of Fisticuffs" right now. Just scroll past the Times Infinity Volume Two tracklisting down below and hit play to give it a listen.
Times Infinity Volume Two:
1. Taking It To The Grave
2. All The Hail Marys
3. Of Fisticuffs
4. Nothing In It For Me Nothing In It For You
5. 1998
6. Until Deathrow
7. Guns or Knives
8. I'm Sorry That I Wished You Dead
9. I Love You Times Infinity
10. End Of Tour

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