Test Icicles The Dig Your Own Grave EP

Calling it quits only a month after their album dropped here in North America, London, England’s cleverly-named Test Icicles are making the most of their collapse by posthumously releasing music. Though they’re hardly milking their demise the way the estates of 2Pac and Biggie Smalls have, this eight-song remix EP is a fitting way to close the book on these arty noise pop terrorists. Collecting remixes that have found their releases through white labels and proper twelve-inches, the trio did a nice job shopping for remixers as the results are surprisingly notable. Statik uses Lethal B and Firecamp to help convert "Boa Vs. Python” into a grime anthem, while Spank Rock dirties "Circle, Square, Triangle” by hitting us with some Baltimore club. Alan Braxe perhaps pulls off the most magic with his attempt, transforming the snotty noise of "What’s Your Damage” into a warm and synthetic ’80s throwback. It’s Ninja High School, however, that provide the most satisfying reworking, turning the sinister "Pull the Lever” into a mood swinging wonder that is treated to a delightfully acoustic chorus. It would have been nice had they approached this the way Bloc Party remixed their Silent Alarm album (a model that will hopefully influence other "remixable” acts out there), by just doing the whole album, but as a send-off to put such a wildly colourful band to rest, this will do just fine. (Domino)