Terror Forever Crossing The Line: 5 Years In The Making

Before we get started, if you don't like Terror, stop reading. If you're down with good hardcore, please, continue. Yes, this album is exactly what's advertised: five years of Terror's best work on one disc, with two live tracks ("Better Off Without You" and "Lowest Of The Low") and two bonus tracks ("Back At You" and "Dead End"). Forever offers no alterations from this chugging, "positive outlook on life" hardcore unit. What you do get is an amazing mix CD of the band's best work to date, and that's never a bad thing when it comes from an established act like Terror. Plus, the unreleased, or "bonus," tracks are sick, and they'll be right up any fan's alley, so get your Chucks tied tight, your ball cap on semi-sideways and get ready to throw down to Terror's last five years of line crossing. (Trustkill)