Television Personalities "Arms Against Atrophy" (Titus Andronicus cover)

Television Personalities 'Arms Against Atrophy' (Titus Andronicus cover)
The last time we heard from eccentric indie pop lifers the Television Personalities it was in 2010, when the band released their stand-up A Memory Is Better Than Nothing. But since the band seem to enjoy keeping a semi-regular work sked these days, they've pop back in to share a nice little one-off: a cover of the Titus Andronicus track "Arms Against Atrophy."

According to the PR, the cover was recorded in spring 2009 at XL Studios in London for a split single with Titus Andronicus, but the release never materialized. However, you can now download Television Personalities' take on the song here

Along with sharing the cover, Television Personalities are self-releasing an upcoming seven-inch featuring the new tracks "Wonder What It Was?" and "Radiohead Song" (which we're more than a little curious about). If you're interested in grabbing the single, you can email [email protected]