Update: Television Personalities' Dan Treacy Regains Consciousness Following Coma But Still Hospitalized

Update: Television Personalities' Dan Treacy Regains Consciousness Following Coma But Still Hospitalized
This fall, we were saddened to learn that core Television Personalities member Dan Treacy was placed in an medically induced coma following an operation to remove a blood clot in his brain. We've now found out that Treacy is out of the coma and apparently on the road to recovery, although he isn't out of the woods quite yet.

Dan's sister Patricia has been updating the singer's personal Facebook page at regular intervals in the past few weeks, giving updates about his progress. Although these are not viewable to those who aren't friends with Dan, her messages have been posted on the forums at SteveHoffman.tv, and indicate that it took several weeks before he was responsive.

Earlier this month, she wrote that Dan was "out of ITU (intensive care unit) and making great progress." The latest update reads:

Daniel is just getting over another nasty chest infection, and still has a tracky fitted to help with his breathing and to make it easier for the nurses to clear his lungs. Daniel is allowed to have a speaking valve fitted to the tracky for 2 hours a day to enable him to speak any longer than this, and he cannot breathe very well. He has a gastric nasal tube fitted to feed him through, but he pulls them out every day as many as four times, but he doesn't realise he has done it. He is moving his right arm and leg, but has no real co-ordernation. His left hand moves a little, but he has no feeling in his left side at the moment. There is lots more i could go into, but I think this is enough for now, just to let everyone who has asked after Daniel know that things are not very good, but are much better than we ever we thought, as Daniel was not expected to survive, but has even surprised his Neuro Surgeon getting this far. We are looking at 6 to 12 months in hospital for Daniel -- he has no concept of time or days of the week. PLEASE PLEASE KEEP PRAYING. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR KIND WORDS. MUCH LOVE PATRICIA X

In other words, it hard to imagine Treacy returning to music after this. But given the gradual improvement in his condition over the past few weeks, there's some hope that he will eventually be able to return home with his family.