Tei Shi Dances Through Disaster on 'Die 4 Your Love'

Tei Shi Dances Through Disaster on 'Die 4 Your Love'
Tei Shi dances you out of your slumber with her uplifting breakup EP Die 4 Your Love. The on-form Columbian-Canadian artist combines '80s synth work with clean production and bouncy beats to form an exciting addition to her oeuvre.

Tei Shi jokingly describes her work as its own genre, "mermaid music." As she once told The Cut, "It's always hard for me to label it as a genre because it shifts and I try to make music that isn't one thing or the other." Die 4 Your Love exemplifies Tei Shi's description perfectly: genre-bouncing, mystifying mermaid music.

The first track, "Johnny," wouldn't be out of place in a Now That's What I Call Country compilation. The title track is the stereotypical synth-pop banger, while "Disappear" is a soothing and sensual piece of bedroom pop that delights.

The subject matter is apocalyptic: losing love, loved ones and yourself. But the combination of upbeat music and dance-inducing songs leaves you with a sense of defiance and optimism. Die 4 Your Love doesn't fit into any particular mould, but that's exactly what draws you in and encourages replay after replay. (Diktator Records)